Esthetics Center of Lenexa, KS (Overland Park) - Waxing, Facials, Microderms, Peels and Brow-Threading. Professional salon services at less the half the price. Click here if you have using your phone to call us.
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Esthetics Center of Lenexa, KS (Just west of Oak Park Mall.)

The Esthetics Center was built on the idea that a beauty routine should be simple and inexpensive while producing gorgeous, quality results. Our expert professionals will leave your skin smooth and hair free, without breaking your bank. Our goal is to provide the same high quality salon services you might find anywhere in the country at 50%-80% off the prices you would expect to pay. Our services include Eyebrow Threading (Brow Threading), Waxing Facials Peels and Facial Treatments, Microdermabration and more.